Friday, August 31, 2012

Sample Month is Back at

September is Sample Month at Get 1 free sample with your order of $30+, 3 free samples with your order of $50+, and 5 free samples with your order of $75+!
Shop the Deal: 

LOCAL DEAL: 50% off Teddy's Choice Boxed Diapers at Loblaws

While I was in picking up a few things yesterday I noticed a display of Teddy's Choice brand diapers near the checkout. Turns out they are all 50% off....YAY! I snagged a box of 116 size 5's for just $10. Be sure to grab yours before they are gone!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Top Deals Around Town (Aug24-30)

Time to stock up on back to school lunch goodies! Lots of great deals to be had this week so happy shopping!
  • Food Basics- Old El Paso Taco Kits (be sure to grab one with the $4 off ground beef or chicken coupon) $2.99
  • Food Basics- Navel Oranges, Sweet Green or Red Peppers- 67cents each
  • Food Basics- 9pack tropical grove drinks $1.69
  • Food Basics- Quaker Granola Bars- $1.44
  • Food Basics- Hunts Snack Pack Pudding- 99cents
  • Loblaws- Chicken drumsticks (9pack) $5
  • Loblaws- Cadbury Dairy Milk- $1.67- 50cent coupon from mailout
  • Loblaws- Smuckers Jam $2.50- $1 coupon from booklet
  • Loblaws Dollar Days- plenty of great deals for a buck including yogurt, chocolate milk, pasta, beans, tomatos, tomato sauce, apple juice, canned veggies and more!
  • Rexall- Royale Bathroom Tissue- $3.99-$1 coupon from here
  • Rexall- Covergirl Cosmetics 40% off - various coupons from here
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Janes Chicken Products $6.99-various coupons

P&G Try Before You Buy Sampler LIVE

LOVE the sample packages! Like a mini Christmas present.

I got to choose 4 samples from the following:
  • Pantene daily moisture renewal
  • Febreze Set and Refresh
  • Bounty Paper Towels (3sheets)
  • Crest Whitestrips (one sachet)
  • Tide Pods
  • Cascade All in One Pacs
  • Dawn Dish Detergent
Click here to order yours. Supplies are limited.

Canadian Coupon Alert: Save $1 off Dempsters Bread

Save $1 off any Dempster’s White or 100% Whole Wheat Bread with this new Websaver coupon

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Canadian Coupon Alert: New Printables on

There aren't very many stores in our area that accept printables but Shoppers Drugmart is one of them and they often have some pretty good sales on some of these products. Use these new printable coupons from and stretch those dollars (and savings) even further!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Office Organizing with Yard Sale Finds

My hubby and I are thrilled to finally live in town and love getting up on a Saturday morning to wander the Farmer's Market and yard sales in the area. Here are a couple of finds that we have used for my office space and I'm SO in love with them! The first is an old mail holder. I love how it has oodles of slots and I've decided to use it to store all my jewellery cards, customs forms, business cards and anything else of that sort. Now I just have to finish getting it loaded up! Cost: $5
Almost everyone I know (or their mother) has had one of these at some point. The wooden shelf with a heart in it (this one happens to be a plate rail) but I love that it is both long and thin and perfect for displaying my product. At some point I'm going to put a dowel underneath to hold all of my ribbon (add it to the project list!) Cost: $1
Now all of my product and my packaging materials are within reach above my packing table and are no longer taking up valuable space ON TOP of the table!
What are some of your favourite yard sale finds?

Canadian Freebie Alert: Old El Paso Taco or Fajita Kit

Receive a FREE Old El Paso Extra Mild Taco Kit or Hot & Spicy Fajita Kit with this great new Facebook freebie offer.
Grab yours while supplies last! I don't expect this one will last long!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Top Deals Around Town (Aug.17-23)

Lots of deals to be had this week. Be sure to share any that you find either in a comment below or on our Facebook Page. Happy Shopping!
  • Food Basics- Cheerios- SALE $1.88-$1 websaver coupon
  • Food Basics-Oasis Orange Juice- SALE $1.88- $1.25 coupon from Allens AJ cans
  • Food Basics- Bicks Pickles- SALE $1.99-$1 WUB2 tearpad coupon
  • Food Basics- Eggplant, zucchini, cucumbers, corn(3)- 77cents each
  • Food Basics- Nutrigrain Bars- SALE $2- 50cent tearpad coupon
  • Food Basics- Dempsters Smart Bread- SALE $2.29-75cent coupon from here
  • Food Basics- Maple Leaf Drumsticks/Thighs- SALE $5/pkg
  • Food Basics- Green Peppers/Roma Tomatos- 77cents/lb
  • Food Basics- Watermelon- $2.77
  • Food Basics- Schneiders Grillems- SALE $2.88
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Lady Speed Stick- SALE $1.99=$1 insert coupon
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Dempsters Smart Bread- SALE $2.29- 75cent coupon from here
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Skippy Peanut Butter- SALE $3.49-75cent booklet coupon
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Dempsters Wholegrain Breads- SALE 2/$5- Save $1WUB2 websaver coupon
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Greenworks Cleaners- SALE $1.99-$1 off any Greenworks tearpad 
  • Loblaws- Cracker Barrel Cheese- SALE $4.99
  • Loblaws- Janes Chicken Products- SALE $5.99-$1 tearpad coupon
  • Loblaws- Ribs or Whole Chicken- $1.99/lb
  • Loblaws- Blueberries/Romaine Hearts- 3/$5 or $1.67 each
  • Loblaws- Neilson Trutaste Milk- $3.99
  • Loblaws- Ketchup- $3.49
  • Loblaws- VH Sauces- 2/$5-various coupons
  • Loblaws- French's mustard- $1.99- 75cent insert coupon
  • Loblaws-Minute Maid Punch- 79cents- Save $1WUB2 tearpad coupon OR Buy 4g1 free coupon
  • Loblaws- Old El Paso Taco Kits- $3.99 (watch for the ones with the new ground beef/chicken coupons on the box)
  • Giant Tiger- Allens Apple Juice Boxes (8count) $1.77

More Fun from Swagbucks

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Canadian Coupon Alert: $5 off Nestle Formula

Save $5.00 off Nestle Good Start Infant Formula with this new coupon from Websaver.

Canadian Coupon Alert: Back to School Coupons

Can you believe its time for Back to School?! This is going to be my first year getting into the school routine as my oldest heads to kindergarten! has a brand new back to school portal with $6.75 in coupons!
  •  Save $0.75 off any Dempster’s, Ben’s or POM SMART sliced bread (MAIL only) 
  •  Save $1.00 off any Clover Leaf Gourmet Flavoured White Tuna In Olive Oil 142g (MAIL only)
  • Save $1.00 off Mini-Wheats Little Bites cereal 430-445g (PRINT only) 
  • Save $1.00 off any So Good 3 x 250ml pack (PRINT only) 
  •  Save $1.00 off any Resolve Carpet Cleaner product (PRINT or MAIL) 
  • Save $2.00 off any Finish Quantum Dishwasher Detergent (PRINT only) 
Click here to order your coupons from the Back To School webSaver portal.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Meal Plan and Return to Batch Cooking (sort of)

Somehow April has turned into August! As you may have noticed some of my once regular posts (like my monthly roundups) have disappeared and I haven't been posting multiple times a day. Between birthday parties, playdates, sick kids (probably a result of the first two things), hubby's holidays and a business that is continuing to grow at a pace I hadn't quite expected (THANKYOU CUSTOMERS!) I find that I have started to fall behind on some things. I have previously written about batch cooking and meal planning and how a combination of the two can save not only MONEY but also TIME! So today I am determined to get back into the swing of things and get my new chest freezer stocked for the busy holiday season!

Here's the remainder of this week's menu plan
Tuesday Dinner 
Chicken Stir Fry

Breakfast: Egg Salad Sandwhiches (yes we all love them for is it any different than eggs and toast?) and strawberries
Lunch: Pizza
Dinner: The kids and I are at a playdate dinner so hubby can have leftover stir fry or bbq himself a burger

Breakfast: Bagels and strawberries
Lunch: Sandwiches
Dinner: BBQ Pork Chops, sweet potatos and broccoli

Canadian Coupon Alert: Save $2 off Kraft Philly Products

There are two new coupons available on for Kraft Philly Products (Printable Only).
Mail option available for the Save $1 Philidelphia Roasted Garlic here. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Pampers Gifts to Grow Bonus Code

Here's a new bonus code courtesy of Pampers. I notice there are several new rewards that have been added (including gift cards to!) This code is worth 10 pts. and expires at 11:59pm CT on August 19th.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


The Family Grab Bag includes
  •  the Zoku Quick Pop Maker (Regular $69.99)
  • Summer Infant Car Seat Shade (Currently $15.00)
  • Badger Lightly Scented Sunscreen SPF 30 (Currently $15.99)
  •  Badger Balm After Sun Balm: Blue Tansy & Lavender (Regular $7.99)
  • Vital Baby Free Flow Cup (Regular $3.99).
Valid Saturday August 11th only. Click here to grab this special offer!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Canadian Coupon Alert: Save $1 on Tenderflake

It's back! Just in time for all that yummy fall baking (some of which I may even attempt this year!) Click here to order your coupon to Save $1 on your next Tenderflake product purchase.

Canadian Coupon Alert: Barbie Portal

For those of you who have little girls that love Barbie be sure to check out the Barbie Portal for several outstanding coupons for your little princess! They will also be releasing more coupons later this month so be sure to keep checking in!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Canadian Deal Alert: Pampers Splashers+Gift Card

Have you been enjoying the warm weather this summer? Let the fun continue with this great deal via Wagjag:  For only $12 you’ll get a pack of Pampers Splashers and a $10 gift card!  This includes free shipping!
Offer ends August 14, 2012.

Top Deals Around Town (Aug10-16)

Here are some of the hot deals around town this week. Let us know if you find any good deals that we should know about:)
  • Loblaws- Dr. Oetker Pizzas 3/$10 - $1.50 WUB 2 or $1 ( = $2.58/$2.33 
  • Loblaws- Cashmere Bathroom Tissue 12 Double Rolls $4.99 - $1 (mail out) = $3.99
  • Loblaws- Folgers Flavoured Ground Coffee $3.99 - $1 (booklet) = $2.99 (I found this booklet at our local Loblaws store)
  • Loblaws-  Gay Lea Gold Sour Cream $1.99 - $1 ( = .99
  • Loblaws- Irish Spring Deodorant $2.99 - $2 (insert coupon) = .99  
  • Shoppers- French's Mustard 3/$5 - .75 (insert coupon) = .92
  • Shoppers- Peek Freans $1.99 - $1 (mail out) = .99 
  • Shoppers- Royale 12 Double Rolls $4.99 - $1 ( = $3.99  
  • Shoppers-  Kellogg's Cereal (Selected) $2.79 (SUN/MON) - various coupons
  • Shoppers- Lady Speedstick $1.99 (SUN/MON) = $1 (insert coupon) = .99 
  • Food Basics- Black Diamond Cheese Slices $1.88 - $1.50 WUB 2 (booklet) = $1.13

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Canadian Freebie Alert: Free Small Coffee at McD's

One of my favourite promo's ever is back!
Receive a FREE small coffee from McDonalds this week! You can usually order a larger size and just pay the difference as well.
This freebie is available from August 6-12, 2012.

Free Ebook: Mom 100 Cookbook Sampler

I'm always looking for new ways to add some interest to everyday meals (not to mention tricks for my picky 4yo). Be sure to grab your FREE copy of Mom 100 Cookbook Sampler from (be sure to check that it is still free before purchasing).

Don't have a Kindle? Get your FREE computer Kindle for PC here

Friday, August 3, 2012

Canadian Coupon Alert: New Gocoupons

 If you haven't stopped by lately then be sure to head over and check out their currrent selection. With school approaching I was happy to see the Yoplait Kids coupon back as well as a couple of new Royale coupons!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top Deals Around Town (Aug 3-9)

  • Cases of Nestea are on sale at the following stores: Food Basics, Shoppers Drugmart, and Rexall. Watch for the cases that have the PINK corner containing a coupons for a FREE 12 pack of Nestea on your next purchase.
  • Giant Tiger- Cashmere Bathroom Tissue 6 Double Rolls $2.49 - $1 ( = $1.49
  • Giant Tiger-  Pantene $3.96 - $1.50 (brandsaver) = $2.46
  • Walmart- Minute Maid Frozen Punch .50 - $1 WUB 2 (tear pad) = FREE or Buy 4 Get 1 Free coupon from booklet
  • Food Basics- Black Diamond Cheese Bar, 500g @ $4.44- 75cents off any brand Block Cheese (Ziploc Package) 
  • Food Basics- Nutri-Grain Bars @ $2 -$0.50 Nutri Grain Bars Superfruit Flavour (Tear Pad)
  • Food Basics- Green Peppers or Roma Tomatos 67cents/lb
  • Loblaws- Lactancia Butter- 3/$10-various coupons
  • Loblaws- Coppertone Sunscreen- 50%off- $1 coupons from here
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Eggs- $1.99 
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Lady Speed Stick- $1.99-$1 insert coupon
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Uncle Ben's Rice and Sauce- $2.99- B1G1 insert coupon
  • Shoppers Drugmart- Palmolive Dish Soap- $1.99-$1 insert coupon

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Local Event: FREE Craft Party

Craft Party is a global celebration of meeting and making. It’s a time to get to know your neighbors and exercise your creative spirit. Craft Parties take place around the world when communities come together to participate in art, craft, design and DIY in every form.

Etsy and special sponsor, Michaels, will provide a box of craft supplies to every party with at least 25 participants that have signed up by August 12th. The more people who sign up for the party, the more generous the box of supplies! This years theme is Wish You Were Here.

When: Saturday August 25th at 2pm
Where: Crow In White Creative Studio 130 Kent St. W. Lindsay
This is a FREE EVENT, just pre-register and then bring your creative ideas and desire to have a great time the day of the event!