Monday, August 20, 2012

Office Organizing with Yard Sale Finds

My hubby and I are thrilled to finally live in town and love getting up on a Saturday morning to wander the Farmer's Market and yard sales in the area. Here are a couple of finds that we have used for my office space and I'm SO in love with them! The first is an old mail holder. I love how it has oodles of slots and I've decided to use it to store all my jewellery cards, customs forms, business cards and anything else of that sort. Now I just have to finish getting it loaded up! Cost: $5
Almost everyone I know (or their mother) has had one of these at some point. The wooden shelf with a heart in it (this one happens to be a plate rail) but I love that it is both long and thin and perfect for displaying my product. At some point I'm going to put a dowel underneath to hold all of my ribbon (add it to the project list!) Cost: $1
Now all of my product and my packaging materials are within reach above my packing table and are no longer taking up valuable space ON TOP of the table!
What are some of your favourite yard sale finds?

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