Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Does it Really Work? Newspaper to Clean Your Mirrors

Welcome to Kawartha Bargains newest weekly feature that I have entitled "Does it Really Work?" With two little kids in the house who are obsessed with admiring themselves in the mirror (and why wouldn't they be they are so darn cute) my mirrors tend to look like this:

I had heard somewhere that you could use newpapers instead of paper towels to clean your mirrors and since newspapers arrive for FREE twice a week and paper towels...well even on sale we seem to go through a ton...so I thought I'd give it a try. Now I was sure that they would scratch so I picked a mirror that we will eventually be getting rid of and got out my newspaper and windex (although you could use vinegar as well) and got to it.
And here is out it turned out:
Yep, that's the same mirror not me taking a picture of my entry way! Cleaning your mirrors with newspaper really DOES WORK! Plus you are recycling AND saving money. BONUS!

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