Monday, February 23, 2015

Preparing For Spring Vacation

With yet another weekend filled with cold and snow we are looking forward to our spring vacation. Travel is something that we decided a few years ago was something that we absolutely had to work into our budget (more to come on how we do that) and we typically take a trip somewhere a bit warmer in the springtime. It helps to get us through those long Canadian winters!

This year we are headed to Florida and yes, there will be a day at Disney's Magic Kingdom included! I'm not sure who is more excited, me or the boys!

The Change Jar: We use a change jar to collect our trips spending money. Year round we put loose change into a jar (I suggest duct taping the lid on so that it takes away the temptation to dip into it). When its full we roll it and take it to the bank and change it in for US then resume filling the jar. By switching it into US right away it again takes away the temptation to spend it. We set a budget on how much spending money we want and once we have hit that goal we start saving for the next trip. The change jar can also be a great way to save up for other household things, like a big purchase or paying off debt. By skipping a takeout coffee (or meal) once a week, holding a yard sale, selling extra items on Kijiji or local Facebook groups or saving money on your grocery bill with coupons those little bits add up over time.

Book on a Deal: We ALWAYS book our vacation on a deal. Whether you are cruising, going to Disney or just hitting the beach there will be some sort of deal that you can take advantage of to suit your budget.  Currently Disney has a special where you can save up to 25% on select rooms for travel between March 29, 2015-June 15, 2015. The specific resort that we wanted to stay at was not part of this deal but we are a part of Best Western Rewards so we will save money on hotels during our drive to and from Florida. Additionally the extra money we save by driving vs flying we put towards staying at our preferred resort choice (more to come on that!)

Drive if you can: This may not be an option for everyone but you can save a SIGNIFICANT amount of money if you drive versus fly (especially if you have a large family). Even with young children this is the option we prefer, I will have an entire post coming shortly about Road Trips with Kids.

How do you save money on travel? Is it something you do frequently? Wish you could do more of? I would love to hear your tips, stop by the Facebook Page to leave a comment!

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