Monday, April 30, 2012

Extra Pocket Change: Superpoints

I have received alot of inquiries lately about more search and win sites so I wanted to share one of my new fav's, Superpoints.

This one is slightly different than other sites with the SuperLucky Button being the main way that I earn my points. When you first join you are alloted 5 spins on the button. Simply fill out your profile and validate your email to have that number of spins increase to 30. There are two more membership levels that you can attain by gaining referrals and filling in some additional profile information. Each level you increase gives you more spins AND lowers your minimum redemption level. There are also some offer walls where you can earn additional points and I typically receive a daily email where I have received bonus points. Since I only complete video offers these can be a bit hit and miss but overall the site is super easy to use and not very time consuming.

I cashed out very quickly with for my first redemption and what I like is that taking a paypal payment instead of a gift card is the same number of points. Cashout was without any hassels and was awarded to my account in just a couple of days.

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