Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to Earn Zoombucks: My Daily Checklist

I often get asked about search and win sites...are they legit? Are they worth it? Do they take alot of time? To answer the first question the only sites which I write about under the Extra Pocket Change tab are sites that I have tried myself AND have received payment from. For me they are absolutely worth it, who wouldn't want some extra cash in their paypal account or gift cards for great sites like Amazon.ca! As for time...really you can spend as much or as little time as you want. I hope to offer you some tips and tricks to help you earn "bucks" faster.

Today I wanted to talk about Zoombucks. It is very similar to other sites that are out there but has a couple of its own unique features. Here's a breakdown of my "Zoombucks to do list" in a day:
  • When you log into your Zoombucks account check and see if there is a BLUE "watch video" bar on the home page (about half way down underneath the bonus bar). Some days there is, some days there isn't. If there IS one be sure to watch it as many times as it will let you for multiple Zoombucks (ZB)
  • Next I click on the Earn Zoombucks tab. Scroll to the VERY BOTTOM of the page. Every day there is a bonus Zoombuck for you, just enter the phrase to claim your bonus.
  • Next I check the Matomy Videos and Volume 11 to see if there are any daily videos for quick and easy Zoombucks. Occasionally you can also find videos on Supersonic. I find that if you check in around 8am Eastern time this is the best time to catch them.
  • Under the Win tab at the top be sure to Pick a Number for the daily contest and visit the Zoombucks Homepage (usually you will get a WIN from the homepage once a day).
  • Search through Zoombucks search bar. Usually you get one to two search wins a day (try one in the morning one in the evening). If I am going to receive a search win it is usually within about 5-7 searches. 
  • Be sure to sign up for Zoombucks newsletter to be alerted of any promo codes
  • Peanut Labs Surveys under the Earn Tab. I have the surveys for Peanut Labs unlocked on all the search and win sites and depending on which site I am closest to cash out for that day is the site I do the PL surveys. You can only do them on ONE of the sites/day so choose wisely
And that's it! Seem super easy...it is! Please feel free to message me if you ever have any questions. Want to get started today....just click here to register!


  1. Heya bro!
    I've tried this site for over a week now, but it seems like I'm not advancing at earning things, could you give me a few tips? it was much easier for me to earn at gifthulk compared to this...

    1. I find that I earn the most ZB through visiting the ZDaily Homepage (under the win tab) and through search although there have been quite a few videos lately as well. You mentioned you are a fan of gifthulk...are you also on Swagbucks?

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