Friday, October 5, 2012

My Grocery List Week of Oct5-11

If you've been following along on my grocery budget challenge then you will know that ON AVERAGE I have managed to stick to approx. $65/week. Some weeks were a little more and some a little less. This week, however, there are some great deals (like peanut butter) that I don't want to pass up. One thing to keep in mind when sticking to a budget like this is to plan ahead. I KNOW that we use a lot of peanut butter so by stocking up when it is on sale for a great price it will filter through to help me save on my budget in later week's/months.
Here's my shopping list for this week to go with our meal plan. Tentative total: $86.81 +taxes (if I manage to get a turkey)

Food Basics:

    • Turkey- SALE 88cents/lb (since its already mid-morning of Fri I'm not sure if there will even be any left by the time I get there but I have my fingers crossed, this would be for a week in Nov. anyways so there's always time to revamp the plan if they are out)
    • 2xCake mixes 88cents each
    • 2x canned pumpkin $1.30each
    • Burger Buns $2
    • 2lbs sweet potatos 88cents/lb
    • cheese slices $2.49 
    • 2lbs apples 88cents/lb
    • can of diced tomatos $1
    • Tostitos $1.97
    • case of pop $4.77-$2 coupon
    • 2x Peanut Butter $2.49each
    • Total: $33.09(with turkey)
    Shoppers Drugmart
    • Milk x2- $8.40
    • Coffee Cream $1.98
    • Rice Side 99cents
    • Total: $11.37
    Nesbitt's Meat Shop:
    • 1.5lbs medium ground beef $4.50(ish)
    • 2lbs lean ground beef $8
    • 2 butterfly pork chops $6 (but WELL worth it!) 
    • Total: $18.50
    •  3xWheat Thins -$1.49-3x50cents off tearpad coupons
    • Total: $2.97

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