Monday, October 1, 2012

Recipe: Easy Peasy Pizza Pockets

I had originally intended on using my Tenderflake for these (if you are following along with my weekly meal plan and grocery list you would find it on there) but since the chocolate crescents weren't part of the sale I decided to give the weiner wraps a try. My kids like the McCain Pizza Pockets which are more doughy as opposed to flaky anyways so I thought this might be a closer match. I'm sure you could use your own homemade dough as well but for those who are still looking for a frugal and fast fix (not to mention they are a bit better for you then the frozen kind) these were FABULOUS! My little guy helped me to assemble them and thought it was tons of fun!

*Tomato sauce
*Shredded cheese
*Veggies of choice
*Meat of choice (I used leftover roasted chicken today)
*One tube of Pillsbury Weiner Wraps

*Unroll and seperate dough on a cookie sheet
*Spread each dough section with tomato sauce
*Top with shredded cheese veggies and meat
*Fold over to make a pocket (I pinched the edges on some and not on others and both methods worked out fine)
*Bake in preheated 375degree oven for 13-16 minutes.

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