Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh Pink Stickers...How I Love Thee!

With most stores being closed New Year's Day the kiddos and I headed out in search of some super deals yesterday. Loblaws had some sale items that I was after and as I expected it was pink sticker heaven!!! For those of you NOT familiar with pink stickers they are the 50% Off Managers Special stickers that are added to items that are nearing expiry, overstocked, etc (and YES you CAN use coupons on these items too). I just bring the bread and meat home and put it right in the freezer. Here's a highlight of my deals:
  • Charmin Ultra Soft- Sale $4.88-$1 coupon from here
  • Cheese Whiz Mexican- Sale $2.99-50%off Pink sticker- $1.50
  • Kellogg's Nutrigrain Bars- Sale 3/$5
  • Kraft Cheese Slices- Sale $2.99
  • Jello Pudding 75cents each
  • Country Harvest Bagels- $3.69-50% off Pink Sticker $1.85
  • Wonder Hamburger Buns $2.99-50% off Pink Sticker $1.50 (since it is doubtful we will see burger buns on sale again until May-ish and we still bbq during the winter this is a great way to save)
  • Pork Side Ribs $6.49-30% off Pink sticker- $4.54
  • Curling Ribbon- Christmas- on clearance for 14cents a piece!
  • Wrapping Paper- on clearance for 24cents a roll
  • Milupa baby cereal- Sale $2.99
  • Maple Leaf Ham-on sale this week for $2.99/lb- Found 2 smaller ones for under $5each
  • Taco Kit- Sale $3.99 (not the best price but I needed hamburger as well and I had a $4 off burger coupon when you buy your next taco kit left over from a previous taco kit so the kit+burger combined= $5.41
And so I was able to add to my ticker for the first time this year and I estimate my savings to be approx. $25.74 (I wish they listed the regular retail price on your bill as well at Loblaws so I had to guess on my savings on some of my sale items so it might indeed be a higher savings but I'm super happy with this as a start). Did you pick up any great deals after the holidays?

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