Sunday, January 8, 2012

How to Earn Swagbucks

Before the holidays I introduced you to Swagbucks, an online search and win site that allows you to earn "Swagbucks" which you can redeem for lots of great gift cards, merchandise and/or paypal payments. You may have thought "seems to good to be true" but I have been a member since mid-2011 and redeemed for numerous gift cards and paypal payments. It is actually how I did most of my holiday shopping. In just a few short minutes a day here is how you can watch your Swagbucks grow:
  • Daily Poll: Every day there is a new poll. Just click on your chosen answer, submit, and recieve 1 Swagbuck instantly!
  • NOSO: Check out the offers, if there is one you are interested in great (click it to explore further), otherwise just keep clicking skip to next offer until you get to the end. Fill out your captcha (the code phrase that makes sure you aren't a computer) and earn 2 Swagbucks!
  • Games: I found that I only got credited for games if I used Firefox as my browser. For every two games that you play (regardless of your score) you receive 2 Swagbucks and you can earn up to 10 Swagbucks a day on games. You need to play your game for about a minute to be credited! Try Swaggle, it has a timer on it:) Make sure to click back to the Main Games page in between every game.
  • Search: You will randomly win various amounts of Swagbucks for using their Search toolbar to search the web. Sometimes you have to do a couple of searches before you get any Swagbucks and I've found that if I haven't gotten any within 5-6 searches to try again at another point in the day. I usually get a search win 2-3 times a day
  • Invite your friends! Under the promote tab you will find the Invite&Earn tab. In the top right corner is your referral link. If a friend signs up under you you get to share in their search wins points! That's right if they search and win 10Swagbucks so do you! (up to 1000 Swagbucks)
  • Fill out your Trusted Survey profile! You get Swagbucks just for filling out your profile information. I don't always participate in the surveys but occasionally if I have some extra time I'll see if there is one for me.
  • Watch for the little red envelopes: When you sign into your Swagbucks account and see the little red envelope indicating that you have a message in your inbox be sure to check it out! Often they are video ad surveys which are SUPER quick and easy to complete for 3 Swagbucks each. They are usually time sensitive though so don't delay
  • Other ways to earn: Swagbucks TV (I love the Martha Stewart clips) just make sure you have unlimited internet or it can suck up alot of your GB, Special Offers, bonus codes, and Trusted Surveys.
And now you are well on your way to earning lots of FREE STUFF!!! If you haven't signed up yet you can click here to join today! Also be sure to stop by my Facebook page to share your awesome Swagbuck experiences and let us know what goodies you are saving up for!

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