Monday, February 27, 2012

My Food Basics Shopping Trip

Some great deals at Food Basics this week so the kiddos and I took a quick trip there yesterday. I still need to stop by Loblaws to grab a couple of good deals there (including ham, chicken and strawberries) but this was a great jump on the week. Here is what we managed to pick up:
  • Lactancia Milk SALE $5.00 (with coupons on the back)
  • Chicken Drumsticks SALE $5.00
  • Romaine Hearts SALE $2.00
  • Coffee Cream SALE $2.49
  • 2x Oasis Juice Boxes SALE $2each-2x$1 off coupons from the Allen's Apple Juice tins 
  • Sweet Potato $.60
  • Green Pepper $.62
  • Clubhouse Beef Stew Sauce $1.39
  • Aluminum Foil $1.49
  • Apple Cinnamon Cheerios (500g box)  SALE $2.99
  • Margarine $.99
  • 2xAylmer's Can Tomatos 2/$1-$1 coupon WUB2= FREE
  • Snack Pack Pudding SALE $1.00-25cent off coupon
  • Selections Pasta $.77
  • 2xCampbells Soup 2/$1
  • Dempsters Bagels SALE $2-$1coupon
  • Apple Juice $.99
  • Kelloggs Rice Krispies Cereal $2.99
  • Kelloggs Rice Krispies Treats $2.49-coupon for buy any Rice Krispies Cereal get a FREE Rice Krispies Treat=FREE
  • Mini White Potatoes $2.97
 Total Out of Pocket Incl. Tax $36.23

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