Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where to fill up your car....

I remember when gas used to be just 48cents but that is sadly no longer the case. While I try to keep my driving to a minimum the reality is that my kids aren't old enough to push the car so occasionally I need to buy gasoline!

Depending on where you live there are always options for earning "extras" along with your gas purchase. If you fill up at Shell make sure you are an Airmiles member to earn 1 Airmile for every $25*see site for further info.

If you live locally then you know that Loblaws and Canadian Tire tend to have the best gas prices. The BEST bang for your buck is to look for the gas coupon for bonus Canadian Tire Money on the back of the weekly Canadian Tire flyer and then to fill up there. Dollar for dollar it is the best deal but Loblaws gas bar also has its perks. Receive a voucher for 2cents/litre that you can redeem inside the store to go towards your groceries. Have an expired voucher? Valumart downtown takes them regardless of the expiration date! Bonus!

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