Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Round Up

As 2011 came to an end I shared with you some of my goals for the year ahead. It's hard to believe that the first month of 2012 has already flown by and I'm extremely pleased with how we began our year.

We've already saved OVER $100 through watching for sales, menu planning and using coupons! I also found that we shopped less this month, using up items in our stockpile and by sticking to our menu plan. This month I also tried to make several "double duty" meals, items that could be used for more than one meal. For example roasting a chicken for dinner one night then using the leftover chicken for a dish the following evening (I think it was chicken quesadillas..yum). I also made pasta this month and actually remembered to freeze the leftover sauce AND then use that sauce a couple of weeks later for another pasta dish. Yippee! I also dug our my slow cooker for the first time in ages and made THE best ribs which makes me more inspired to try out some more recipes. Last but not least my goal for January was to learn more about batch/freezer cooking and thanks to a batch cooking demo at the end of the month I have many more tips and tricks to put to use. Whew!

Ahead for February:
  • To stock up on gift cards through Swagbucks earnings so that I can order my Easter gifts for the boys at the end of the month. Also hoping to score some post-Valentine's day candy deals!
  • To repurpose an item from around the house into something new (I have a great idea...stay tuned)
  • To continue to use sales, coupons,etc. to save on groceries in conjunction with meal plans. Going to try really hard to come up with some fun lunches this month and put my new found batch/freezer cooking knowledge to the test.
  • I am thrilled that I will be presenting at the next Kindermusik with Lisa McCann parent's night tentatively scheduled for Tuesday Februray 28th. Will be doing a Coupon 101 intro as well as coupon exchange.

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