Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Grocery Budget Challenge: This Week's Total

If you have started following my newest feature The $65 Grocery Budget Challenge, I promised to share with you my total each week. The menu plan for this week saw a couple of changes (such as we just felt like having grilled cheese sandwiches and salad last night for dinner) and we even have some items that we didn't get made (like the white cupcakes). Overall I don't really feel that I spent any more time than usual in the kitchen and I feel like we ate extremely well despite the budget. That being said I did go SLIGHTLY over budget. I was pretty much on track until I got to Loblaws. They had such great deals on meat this week that I decided to grab some extras and will try to take that difference out of the upcoming week's budget (since I shouldn't need much meat and I don't need coffee or any household items it should still work out). Here's how the budget finished up for this week:

 THIS WEEK'S TOTAL: $88.61 over by +23.21 (that includes taxes)
Next weeks budget- $41.79

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