Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Loblaws Deals Sept.13th

 Stopped into Loblaws today to get some eggs (which they were out of) and lunch meat but found several amazing deals. Here's what I grabbed but there are also plenty of those pretty pink managers stickers on buns, tons of Wonderbread (on sale this week for $2.49-50%0ff), meat, and yogurt.
  • PC Cupcake Kit: Regular Price $8.99- On clearance for $1.50
  • Deli Meat: $1.67
  • Old Mill Bagels: Sale 99cents-50% off managers sticker= 50cents (there are lots of poppyseed and plain on the 50% off rack)
  • PC Baby Wipes- Sign said $2.04- rang up at $2.99-SCOP= FREE
What is SCOP? SCOP or Scanning Code of Practice means that if the sign says one price and it rings up another price than you get that item for free (if you say something that is!) Not all stores practice SCOP but Loblaws is one of them so next time you think something isn't quite right at the checkout be sure to speak up:)

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