Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting Started with Canadian Coupons

It may seem that a 50cent coupon isn't worth your time but combine those coupons with a great sale and then you start to save some major coin (and who doesn't want to have more money in their pocket!) Plus there are lots of great coupons for more than 50cents on everything from yogurt, cheese, soup, household cleaners, bathroom and toiletry items, baby products and more! So where the heck do you start? I never realized just how many places there were to get coupons until I started looking for them. You can find them just about anywhere you look.

Next time you are at your local grocery or drugstore look for coupons hanging in front of the shelves. These are called tearpads and start collecting a few off of each one you see. It is not proper coupon etiquette to take the entire tearpad, please leave some for the other coupon users out there. Not sure if you are going to use the coupon? That's ok too. Grab one or two because you never know (and often these coupons are valid for a couple of months) plus you can always trade these coupons for ones that you need (I'll get more into that at a later post).When I find new coupons I will try and post a picture so you know what to look for as well as where I found them.

There are several coupon inserts (Smart Source, Redplum and P&G Brandsaver) that you can watch for in your local newspapers (if you live in Lindsay it is the Friday edition of The Post or in Peterborough the Examiner). These inserts do not arrive in every Friday edition, I'll post when to watch for them. Also there are many magazines that include coupons in them such as Canadian Living.

There are also some fabulous coupons sites online where you order coupons and they mail them directly to your home. These coupons are widely accepted at retailers and are super easy to order. Be sure to stop by frequently as they add new coupons often (or of course you can always stop by Kawartha Bargains, I'll post new coupons as they become available). You'll need to create an account but these services are completely free! Stop by Websaver,,  and Go Coupons to get yours on the way. Many companies also use these sites when they are offering special promotional coupons. You can also get some additional coupons at Right at Home and Life Made Delicious.

The world of printable coupons is still fairly new to me but I have recently begun to incorporate them into my shopping trips. Printable coupons are not as widely accepted as the other types but I have had no troubles at Shopper's Drugmart or Walmart with them. Be sure to check your stores coupon policy to see what types of coupons they accept. A couple of great sites for printable coupons include Living Well  and Smart Source but there are plenty more.

Last but not least there are coupons on product packaging (some great ones on Hamburger Helper, Old El Paso Taco Kits, and Cereal Boxes), through email mailing lists, newsletters and so much more! Hope this will help to get you started! Welcome to the wonderful world of couponing!

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