Monday, December 5, 2011

How it all began...

I have always been a bit of a deal hunter. I guess its just in my blood. While pregnant with my second child in February of 2011 my fiesty little fella decided to move and sit on a nerve in my back. Working one day, no more working the next. I could barely sit let alone walk so I resounded myself to the fact that I was now on an early maternity leave (baby #2 arrived April 14th so I had a ways to go). I wouldn't say that I began to panic, but having always contributed to the household income and now with my pre-maternity leave planning being thrown for a curve ball I thought "what can I do that will yield immediate results?" I figured if I wasn't making any money than I could at least try and SAVE some by shaving a few dollars off of the grocery bill, hey, even if it was only $5 a week its still something. Thanks to a couple of awesome couponing friends and some online research I was on my way. I am proud to say that I just recently achieved my goal of saving $1000 this year! Not bad for a beginner. Once I started learning about all of the great coupons, free samples, loyalty reward programs and other great offers that are out there I was hooked and started sharing my finds and tips on my craft blog Kawartha Beads. There has been such a fabulous response that I decided to start Kawartha Bargains so that all of this wonderful information had a home of its own and so that you could join me in my goal for save $5000! This amount will include not just groceries, toiletries, household items and baby care but also gifts (birthdays, Christmas, etc) and some of the household items that arise (towels, cooking items, etc). To further my savings I also plan to expand my cooking skills (menu planning has been a fantastic side benefit of shopping with coupons/flyers) such as learning more batch and freezer cooking skills and other tips for stretching those dollars. Does that mean that we have to go without? Not a chance! By stretching those dollars further if we want to go and treat ourselves to a beautiful steak right from the butcher or dinner out at a restaurant then no problem! And best of all, it means I can stay home with my kids and THAT is absolutely priceless!!!! 

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