Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April Round Up

Wow what a busy month April was!

I had a fantastic time at the Mom to Mom sale and both sold and donated a ton of items. I have two boxes of clothes left that I have started to photograph and list online to sell. Also a big THANK YOU to all those who participated in my very first blog giveaway on Kawartha Bargains and a special thanks to Lovable Labels for their amazing prize! Watch for more giveaways in the near future as well as links to some other great giveaways. I don't always have a chance to share them on Kawartha Bargains blog so be sure to follow along on my Facebook Page where I try to post links to as many as I can.

On the scratch baking front...not so good...while I did bake from a box twice the only thing I managed to make from scratch were peanut butter cookies. I think in order to better pursue this point I need to sit down and figure out what the key ingredients for baking are that I should have on hand. Any suggestions?

Last but not least a special thanks to my "guinea pigs"! Starting next week don't miss out on my blog series "Want to save $1000 this year?"

Looking ahead to May: 
  •  On my Looking Ahead to 2012 list May is WALK! Yes I know this makes sense and we do walk a fair amount but at least once a week I want to make it a point to walk somewhere that we would have normally driven. On my Mother's Day wishlist is a new wagon (with at least one seatbelt for my little escape artist). I actually walked downtown with the kids this past Sunday instead of driving (which I normally would have) so does that count as my one for this week?
  • Join me for my blog series "Want to save $1000 this year?"
What are you looking forward to in the month ahead? 

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