Monday, May 7, 2012

Would you like to save $1000 a year? DAY ONE: Coupons

Ready to get on your way to saving $1000 a year with just a few easy steps? In case you missed the intro post you can catch up here.

DAY ONE: Coupons
Coupons are everywhere these days (online coupon sites, facebook, in stores, on product packaging and more) and are a great way to help you trim dollars from your weekly grocery/personal care budget. You don't have to use stacks of coupons on every trip for them to help make a difference. Start slow and only use what you are comfortable with. Like anything they take a bit of practice but the better you get the more you save!

Using just ONE $1 coupon per week= a savings of $52/year

Combining coupons with store sales is a great way to help these savings go even further. I try to post my Top 10 Deals Around Town every week and show you the coupons I use in conjunction with these sales so try and stop by on Fridays to see a snapshot of some of the great deals to be had that week.

Where to find coupons?
Online: There are plenty of online offers and coupons up for grabs. Check out Kawartha Bargains daily as I try and post newly released coupons and deals. Here are some of my favourite sites for ordering coupons that will be mailed directly to your home. They are widely accepted at most stores and are an easy way to get started:
Tearpads: Keep your eyes peeled when you are shopping and you will start to notice tearpads in your local stores. These little pads hang in front of shelves and offer coupons for products. Proper coupon etiquette is to take a few coupons and leave some for other shoppers!
Inserts: These are little booklets that arrive with your newspaper. In our area you can find them in select Friday editions of the Lindsay Daily Post. I have friends and family save their inserts for me so be sure to ask yours to do the same if they aren't using them. 

DAY ONE SAVINGS: $52/year by using just 1x$1 coupon a week

****Useful Tip**** If you don't already start saving your receipts. They will help you to see how often you are shopping, what you are spending and what you are spending it on. This can assist you in getting organized (which coupons should you be on the lookout for, items you should be stockpiling, etc)

Today's assignment- If you aren't already signed up for the above online coupon accounts, get your accounts setup and order your coupons so they are on their way. Already a member? See if there are any new or once again available coupons for you. 

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