Thursday, May 17, 2012

Save $1000 This Year: DAY NINE: Sell Some Stuff

I hope you have enjoyed your quest so far to save $1000 this year! If you missed any of my previous posts you can catch up here.

Today's topic is more of a budget booster as opposed to a money saver but certainly worth mentioning! We all have those items that get tucked away at the back of drawers and closets...clothes that don't fit anymore, toys that the kids have outgrown, household knick knacks and furniture that no longer fit with your decor. Perfectly good, wonderful items that would be a shame to throw away...they could be someone else's treasure so why not sell them?

Hold a Garage Sale
Depending on where you live a garage sale might be a great option for you. Pick a beautiful Saturday morning and be sure to set up early...shoppers like to hunt for their treasures as soon as the sun comes up! I like to have all of my items priced (you can get stickers at the dollar store) to give people a starting point but be prepared for those who want to bargain. It's okay to say no if there is something that you just aren't willing to budge on (perhaps put a sign that says FIRM on it). Have lots of small change on hand. Consider putting up posters or taking out an ad in the local classified section. Likewise if you are having a yard/garage sale feel free to send me an email and I'm happy to post it on Kawartha Bargains! Depending on how much you have for sale you can certainly pull in a pretty penny on a Saturday morning.

Sell it Online
There are also lots of places to destash online (since the weather in our neck of the woods isn't ideal for garage sales all year round!) Sites like Kijiji act as a collection of area classifieds where you can post items you have for sale (for Free, with options for upgrading your ad at a price). There are also lots of local Facebook buy and sell groups if you are more comfortable going that route. This is the route that I prefer (simply because of the age of my kids). I can take pictures and post items when they are in bed and I pick a neutral location for meeting those interested in purchasing. I don't look to make a ton of cash but these are items I'm looking to get rid of anyways. I find, like anything, that sales seem to go in waves and if I have a lot of items listed I can make several sales a week. On average I aim for $10 a month worth of destashed clothing and toys.
$10x12= $120
Total Savings Day 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9=  $2070/year

 ***Today's Assignment: Take a couple of minutes to dig to the back of that closet or the bottom of those drawers. Are there any items that you could consider selling? Set them aside for when you have a bit of time and decide what route is best for you to destash!

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