Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Top 10 Deals Around Town (May 4-10)

No no, I can still count. Yes I know there are more than 10 deals this week but I didn't want you to miss anything wonderful! If I did miss something please be sure to leave a comment below and share with us any great deals on your radar! You'll also notice I changed the post format a bit, putting the store name first. Let me know if you like this setup better.
  1. Zellers- Resolve- SALE 2/$4-$2 coupon from insert= FREE 
  2. Zellers- Lysol Products- SALE 2/$4 - various coupons from insert
  3. Zellers- Spend $15 or more on select P&G and receive 20,000 bonus HBC points
  4. Canadian Tire (LINDSAY) Allens Apple Juice 89cents!
  5. Canadian Tire (LINDSAY) Mon, Tues, Wed, Armstrong Cheese SALE $1.99 (limit of 6)
  6. Foodland- Catelli Pasta- SALE $1-$1 from here= FREE
  7. Loblaws- Black Diamond Cheese Slices- SALE $2.50- 75cent coupon
  8. Loblaws- Nestle Follow Up Formula SALE $15.99-$5 coupon from Nestle Baby Club
  9. Loblaws- Pediasure Complete- SALE $8.99-$3 coupon from here
  10.  Food Basics- Yoplait Minigo/Tubes- SALE $1.99-50cent coupon from here
  11. Food Basics- Old El Paso Taco Kits- SALE $2.99-75cent coupon from here (keep an eye out for any kits that still have coca cola or other bonus coupons on them)
  12. Food Basics- Allens Apple Juice- SALE 99cents (this is where you get the Oasis coupons)
  13. Food Basics- Primo Pasta, Beans and Tomatos- SALE 88cents
  14. Food Basics- Black Diamond Cheese 500g- SALE $4.44- $1coupons from milk bag
  15. Food Basics- Onions- SALE 97cents
  16. Food Basics-Kraft BBQ sauce- SALE 99cents
  17. Food Basics- Heinz Ketchup- SALE 2.99
  18. Shoppers Drugmart- (SUN/MON) Lever Body Wash SALE $1.99-$1 tearpad coupon
  19. Shoppers Drugmart- Irish Spring Deoderant- SALE 2/$5- $2 insert coupon (you can use one per product)

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