Friday, May 18, 2012

Save $1000 This Year: DAY TEN: Additional Money Saving Tips

I hope that your wallet is feeling a little fuller as we near the end of my "Save $1000 This Year" series. If you missed any of my previous post your can catch up here.  As always I will continue to post great deals, coupons, money saving tips and ways to earn extra pocket change both here and on my Facebook page so I hope you will continue to follow along. Today is a fun recap of some additional ways to save a little bit of extra cash, all of which add up to savings over the course of the year. Have any tips of your own? I'd love to hear them!
  • Get your gas at Canadian Tire (if you have a gas bar in your town) using the bonus Canadian Tire money coupon on the back of your weekly flyer
  • Do you know your hydro peek periods? Do you try to refrain from doing laundry, running the dishwasher, etc during these times?
  • Do a clothing/book and/or toy swap with friends (both for you and the kids)
  • Enter codes at Pampers Gifts To Grow
  • Call your credit card company and ask them to lower your interest rate 
  • Switch to a no-fee bank account
  • Hang your clothes to dry
  • Use newspaper instead of paper towels to clean mirrors and windows (I've tried this it really works!)
  • Get a raincheck (Places like Shoppers Drugmart and often Canadian Tire will issue rainchecks on items that on sale and out of stock. Rainchecks are usually good for 30 days after they are issued.)
  • Price Match (Many stores including Walmart and Zellers will match the price of a sale item in a competitors flyer so bring your flyers along just in case!)
Estimated Savings by doing the above (minimum)= easily $200/yr
 Total Savings Day 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10=  $2270/year

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