Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Would you like to save $1000 this year? DAY TWO: Swagbucks

Welcome to Day Two in the quest to save $1000 this year! If you missed Day One you can catch up here. Today I wanted to talk about various ways to earn money/gift cards online. You may be asking how will this help you attain your goal of saving $1000 a year? Despite even the tightest of budgets and most frugal of mindsets there are certain times of the year where you may want to buy someone a gift (birthdays, weddings, Christmas) OR there may be some household items that you are in need of such as bakeware, utensils, etc.

Search & Win

My all time favourite site for earning gift cards is Swagbucks, where you earn points (or Swagbucks) for simply searching the web with their toolbar, doing surveys, watching Swagbucks TV and more! The best bang for you buck is to redeem for a $5 Amazon.ca gift card when you have 450 Swagbucks. You can accumulate gift cards in your Amazon.ca account and whenever you need a gift then you have an available balance to shop with. I find it also keeps me from overspending because I know exactly how much I have to spend for that gift/occasion.
Earning just ONE $5 gift card a month= a savings of $60/year

If you would like to learn how to optimize your Swagbucks earnings I have written a previous post here.  If all you did was the Daily Poll, NOSO and one got one search win a day you can easily have a gift card a month (I usually earn 5 or more).  You can also learn about other ways I earn money/gift cards online via my Extra Pocket Change Page.

Total Savings Day 1+Day 2=  $112/year

Today's assignment- Feel free to start earning your gift cards today by signing up with Swagbucks (or another site that you feel suits you). Starting today I will also resume posting on my Facebook Page how I earn my Swagbucks daily. Feel free to comment on that post with how you are earning your own Swagbucks...or better yet what you are saving up your gift cards for!

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