Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Top 10 Deals Around Town This Week

Welcome to a new weekly blog feature...My Top 10 Deals Around Town This Week. Some will be chosen from the flyers, others will be found while scouting the stores, some will have coupons and some are just a great bargain. I hope that no matter what you find some great deals here! Please feel free to share your favourite deals in a comment below! I'd love to know what else to be on the lookout for! HAPPY SHOPPING!
  1. Catelli Smart Pasta-Food Basics-SALE 97cents-$1coupon from here (select NO)= FREE
  2. Allen's Apple Juice- Food Basics-SALE 99cents (with $5 in Oasis coupons)
  3. Aylmers Accents Tomatos- Food Basics- SALE $1each-50cent coupon WUB2 from here
  4. Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast(Family Pack)- Food Basics- SALE $3.44/lb (if you suck at meat me...that means about 6 chicken breasts for $10!)
  5. Oasis Juice Boxes (8 count)- Food Basics AND Loblaws- SALE $2.00-$1 coupon from Allens Apple Juice Tins
  6. Campbells Soup- Shoppers Drugmart- SALE 59cents
  7. Aluminum Foil- Shoppers Drugmart- SALE 88cents
  8. Oasis Juice-Shoppers Drugmart- SALE 2/$5 (use 2 coupons from the Allens Apple Juice tins-one per carton to make them either 2/$3 if you have the old coupons or 2/$2.50 if you have the new coupons) Big surprise no orange juice at my Shoppers sure to get a raincheck!
  9. Gillette Shave Gel- Loblaws- SALE $1.99-$1 coupon from here (or the newspaper insert)= 99cents 
  10. Hasboro Games-Zellers- SALE $14.99-$5 coupon from here

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