Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Top 10 Deals Around Town This Week (March 29-April 5)

 I have a busy day tomorrow so I wanted to make sure to get some awesome deals up for you in time for you to create your shopping lists. Since I won't actually be hitting the stores myself until at least Saturday these deals were chosen from the flyers. I'll update you if I find some other goodies when I get out and about. Please feel free to share favourite deals in a comment below! I'd love to know what else to be on the lookout for! HAPPY SHOPPING!
  1. Gillette Deoderant-Loblaws-SALE $1.99-$2 coupon(from Duracell batteries)=FREE
  2.  Lactancia Butter-Food Basics- SALE $2.77-75cent coupon (various)
  3. Broccoli-Food Basic- SALE 67cents each (I think I'm going to try cooking/freezing some)
  4. Dempster's Smooth Multigrain Bread- Food Basics- SALE $1.99-$1 (
  5. Maple Leaf Prime Chicken Breasts- Food Basics $5/pk
  6. Tenderflake - Food Basics- SALE $1.99-Save $1.50 WUB2
  7. Folgers Coffee-Zellers- SALE $7.99-$1 coupon from Smuckers booklet (expires March 31st)
  8. Palmolive Dish Soapyour - Zellers- SALE $1.99-$1 coupon from last weeks Smart Source
  9. Royale Bath Tissue- Shoppers Drugmart- SALE $5.99 - $2 or $1 coupon from here
  10. Aluminum Foil/Cling Wrap- Canadian Tire-SALE $1

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