Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Extra Pocket Change: Gifthulk

GiftHulk Earning Rewards The EZ Way Gifthulk is another online rewards site that I have had some experience with. While I haven't earned as many rewards through them as I have with Swagbucks, its a VERY minimal amount of effort per day. For my very first redemption I did run into a bit of a glitch as they ask for you to verify your account via a code they will send to your cell phone. Since I don't have a cell phone I had to submit a support ticket but they were very helpful and my payment came through the very next payment cycle. The other thing that I particularly like about Gifthulk is that to redeem for paypal cash is the same amount of credits as for gift cards which you don't often see with online rewards sites. Every day I complete the daily poll and also watch their Facebook page for the Fountain of Youth Code (even the code name is fun!) The code is usually posted around 8pm our time (they must be in a different time zone) although not always. And that's it! There are, of course, other offers that you can complete and I have lucked out with some videos giving great credits but otherwise that is my Gifthulk routine...all of  1 minute a day!

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