Monday, March 5, 2012

Some Deals Around Today: Shoppers Drugmart

SOOOOOOO sorry for the late post. My internet has been acting a bit wonky today (come to think of it so have the kids!) I absolutely had to go and mail some parcels today and wanted to grab a couple of things from the Shoppers Monday Specials. There are quite a few good deals this week but I only needed a couple of things. Here's a quick recap:
  • Fructis Shampoo (including the 2 in 1) SALE (Sun/Mon only) $2.88 PLUS 500 BONUS POINTS
  • Softsoap Liquid Soap (if you aren't after the fancy scents you can get the LARGE 828ml bottle in this deal as well) SALE (Sun/Mon only) $1.99
  • Christie Thinsations SALE $1.99-75cent coupon from here
  • Sunlight Ultra Dish Soap SALE 99cents
Total Out of Pocket incl. Tax $7.99
Saved $10.00
Optimum Points Earned 570

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