Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Round Up

As 2011 came to an end I shared with you some of my goals for the year ahead. Despite February having an extra day this year it still flew by.

We've already saved ALMOST $200 through watching for sales, menu planning and using coupons! As with the previous month I find that we are shopping WAY less than we used to. As with January I tried to stick to our menu plan, did several "double duty" meals and did manage to freeze a couple of leftover items (chili, pasta sauce) for use at a later date. I'm super excited to test drive a menu plan created by Amy (January's Parents Night presenter).

From February's List:

  • To stock up on gift cards through Swagbucks earnings so that I can order my Easter gifts for the boys at the end of the month. Done. I currently have a balance of $45 in gift cards in my account, more than enough for Easter gifts and a 1st bday present for my youngest. Don't forget to save up your gc's. Most orders over $25 ship free! Thanks to everyone who joined this month. Message me if you have any questions.
  • To repurpose an item from around the house into something new (I have a great idea...stay tuned) I personally failed at this one but I'll still take it as a partial win. My hubby took out a cabinet from the basement and then reassembled it in the garage for his tools! Way to go!
  • To continue to use sales, coupons,etc. to save on groceries in conjunction with meal plans. Going to try really hard to come up with some fun lunches this month and put my new found batch/freezer cooking knowledge to the test.  Think I did a pretty good job!
  • I am thrilled that I will be presenting at the next Kindermusik with Lisa McCann parent's night tentatively scheduled for Tuesday Februray 28th. Will be doing a Coupon 101 intro as well as coupon exchange. Thanks to everyone who came out! I hope you gained a "wealth" of knowledge!
Looking ahead to March:
  • On my Looking Ahead to 2012 list March is DESTASH month! I have a Mom table booked for the Mom to Mom sale at the beginning of April and already have 3 giant boxes full of stuff to sell. Since my goal was to destash 5 items/week that means I have to find at least 20 more items to add to that pile. In addition I want to try and add items to some of the online buy/sell sites to destash.
  • I've got a couple of "guinea pigs" who are helping me test drive a sort of consultation program that I'm working on....stay tuned
  • Continue to save, save, save, and share, share, share with all of you!

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