Saturday, March 3, 2012

Some Deals Around Town This Weekend

I've been super busy this weekend but managed to pick up a few things around town. Here is a highlight of some of the specials that I spotted in my rush:

Food Basics:
  • Lactancia Milk with coupons on the bag SALE $5 (Coupons are: Save $1.00 off any 2x2L or 4L Lactancia PurFiltre Milk, Save $1.00 off any Astro Original Product 500g, 650g, 750g, 12x100g, Save $1.00 off Black Diamond 200g, 300g or 500g Cheese, Save $1.00 of any 2x2L or 4L Lactancia Milk, Save $1.00 off any Astro BioBest Product, Save $1.00 off Black Diamond Cheese Strings)
  • Aylmer Accent Diced Tomatos SALE $1.00. Use $1.00 off WUB2 from here.
  • Oasis 8 pack of Juice boxes SALE $2.00 Use $1.00 off coupon from Allens Apple Juice Tins
  • Source Yogurt SALE $1.99 Use 50cent off coupon from here
  • Folgers Coffee SALE $7.99 Use $1.00 off coupon from Breakfast Booklet
  • Cashmere Bathroom Tissue SALE $4.88 (a great price on its own) but I happend to still have my $2 off coupon
  • Dempsters Bread SALE $1.88a
  • Grapes SALE $1.94/KG (worked out to $1.06 for my bunch!!!) 
  • Whole Chickens SALE $6.99each
Shoppers Drugmart
  • Coffee Cream SALE $1.99
  • Uncle Ben's Rice SALE 99cents
  • Kids Valentine's are on clearance for 25cents a box! If you are organized grab some for next year!
What deals have you found around town this weekend?

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  1. Loblaws had LOTS of bread at 50% off last night (3 different racks with lots of varieties) dates ranging from March 3-5. Great to stick in the freezer :)